Week 3

This summary of the third week of 2022 is coming at about the time I wanted to post it. I was still dealing with some lingering symptoms of my upper respiratory situation. It’s mostly an annoying cough, but I also get fatigued a bit more easily than normal, so I’m still making adjustments on the fly. In the past, I would have come up against obstacles so early in the year and I would have just given up and then promised myself I would try again next month. But so far this year, I had simply made the adjustments and adaptations I need to, and continued moving forward as best I could, moment by moment.

And frankly, I’m kind of proud of myself for rolling with those punches and making the adjustments I needed to make, while still making progress towards many of the results I want to create in 2022. This is the first year I can remember actually just continuing to move ahead in spite of obstacles like being sick.

Core Focus of the Week: Just keep going, adapting as needed.

During the third week, I kept in mind that each day is part of a process of making 2022 my best year ever (hat tip, Hal Elrod). And none of this is about perfection. It’s all about progress.

I continued with my predetermined processes, doing them as consistently as I could, with the highest quality I could bring to the table. I stayed with the previous adjustment to my Miracle Morning SAVERS exercise, still not doing pushups and crunches…when I tried, I spent the next 20 minutes coughing a LOT and struggling to catch my breath. So I simply continued my walking part, where I can self-regulate to keep from coughing.

Every step forward is a step forward.

I have mentioned in previous summaries that this idea can seem pretty silly. Partly, it’s because of how I phrase it, as if I am channeling my inner Yogi Berra (baseball hall of famer who said things such as “it ain’t over ’til it’s over”). I know it seems overly simplistic, and maybe even a little too obvious that every step forward is a step forward. But up to now, I have gotten discouraged by smaller “imperfect” steps and then allowed that discouragement to be my excuse for not living up to my potential.

But this year, I am trying new experiments with my life and reflecting on the results, which is why I am doing these summary posts. As the Buddha said, “drop by drop the bucket is filled.” And this year, one of my experiments is to learn to be patient with myself and to accept small, imperfect, sometimes stumbling steps forward, as steps forward. If my only two options in this world are to grow or to wither away, I choose to grow. Even if that means I am only growing by one new idea, or by two minutes of learning to meditate, or by 15 minutes of reading.

In the third week…

  • I raised my bodyweight by a ridiculous amount in two days (7 pounds), probably by overconsuming sweets and salts, leading to fluid retention and probably some new fat creation, but then I got back on track and lowered my weight again by about 3 pounds. So still higher than it was before we did our weekend getaway trip, but back on track now and coming down safely by the day.
  • I continued to drink more water than I did prior to 2022.
  • I continued to make better food choices, more often than not, even with two days that were much less controlled.
  • I continued intentional walking, totaling another 2 hours worth.
  • I added another $10 to my savings balance.
  • I added another $100+ to my investment balance.
  • I continued investigating side hustle ideas, ruling out several ideas already.
  • I continued to deepen and strengthen my relationship with my wife.
  • I consistently did my Miracle Morning SAVERS each day, and enjoyed Hal’s app for the 30-day challenge.
  • I read from 12 Rules for Life and ordered a new copy of Illusions, as well as Illusions 2, and The Messiah’s Handbook.
  • I continued to engage with high-quality content about Stoicism, Buddhism, and conquering my anxiety, learning about practices that will make me a better version of myself each day.
  • I enjoyed some additional Jim Rohn content, taking advantage of Jim’s proven mindset and philosophy towards life, to begin refining my own philosophy and mindset.
  • I laughed, deeply and often, each day because I made it a point to take advantage of the best medicine (I am convinced it is the best medicine for mind, soul, spirit, and body).
  • I continued learning about Buddhist teachings and taking time to deeply reflect on the Four Noble Truths.
  • I continued learning about the Stoic philosophy and the idea of “memento mori” (remember death), deeply pondering the idea that I might be dead at any minute, so I should make my moments count.
  • I consistently engaged with Psalms, Proverbs, and the Tao Te Ching, filling my mind with ancient, but timeless, wisdom. I missed one day, but otherwise have been on track.
  • I started moving my Bite Size Wise podcast to Anchor.fm so that I can save a little money every month on hosting and have opportunities to monetize my podcast.

As I look back on that list, I must say, in both humility and honesty, that the week was definitely not perfect. BUT, I made some good gains again, moving closer than ever to the results I want to create in 2022. Sure, I could look at the desired end-state and think I have SO SO SO far to go. But, I know from my history that it would only discourage me and give me an excuse to stop.

Instead, I will simply trust my daily predetermined processes, do periodic check-ins to get feedback, and continue to make gains.

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