Step 1: Install Chrome Remote Desktop on your computer

a. Open up the Chrome browser

b. In Chrome, click this link to go to the Chrome Web Store and get the application you need: Chrome Remote Desktop app

c. In the Chrome Web Store, click the “Add to Chrome” button, then click “Add app”

d. If you do not already see it, look for the “Apps” icon on your Chrome menu bar and click it. The Apps page should open up and you should see the Chrome Remote Desktop app in there. If you do not see the “Apps” icon in the upper left, you can enter “chrome:apps” into the web address box and once you hit Enter, the Apps page will come up.

e. Click the Chrome Remote Desktop icon on your screen (alongside other app icons) to launch the app.

f. The first time you open the app, it will ask you to grant it permission to view your computer and manage chat messages. Click the “Allow” button.

g. The app’s main screen will then give you two options: (1) Set up the app to allow me to access your computer remotely so I can help you from 2,000 miles away. This is the one you want. The other option, (2) would allow you to access your own computer remotely using your smart phone or tablet but this is not what you want at the moment.

h. You will be prompted to download and install a second application that handles the remote connection securely. Click “OK” to allow this program to download to your computer. [In the lower part of the screen, you should see a little area in Chrome that shows you the name of the file that downloaded. You can click this thing and it should launch the installation process. If you do not see this, go up to the right corner of Chrome and click the three vertical dots to open the Chrome menu. Then click “Downloads” to open the Downloads folder and when you see it, look for a file that has chrome in the name and double-click it.

i. You will probably have to click “OK” to start the installation and after a couple minutes another box will probably pop up asking you if you to let the program make changes to your computer. Click “Yes” to allow the installation to complete.

Step 2: Prepare Chrome Remote Desktop for a remote connection

a. Take a deep breath: The setup process is mostly finished. And [everything you just did, you will not need to do again.]

b. Something to know: Any time you want me to help you remotely, you will need to open the Chrome Remote Desktop app and leave it running so I can connect.

c. Something to know: Since you clicked the option to share your computer with me remotely, you should see a 12-digit PIN code appear on the screen. Those are the numbers I will need to access your computer from mine.

d. Something to know: If you ever want to disable the remote connection, either open the Remote Desktop app and click the “Disable remote connections” button or just uninstall the app entirely.

Step 3: Make the connection

a. Something to know: I have already installed these same two programs on my computer so once you do this, the remote tech support capability is there. All you will need to know is the 12-digit code so you can give it to me.

b. For the first connection, give me a call and tell me your 12-digit code. From there, it should be straightforward and we’ll just go through the steps as they happen until the connection is good.

c. Then, once we are done, we’ll both close the connection and close the app. After that, the next time you want remote support, you will just need to open the app like you did in Step 1d – 1g and be able to give me the 12-digit code over the phone.


NOTE: I stole this (originally written by JP Raphael) from this site and made modifications to the format to make it a little easier to follow for folks who do easier with a step by step.

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