Hello. My name is Greg Lauer and I currently live in Colorado Springs, CO. I will provide a more extensive, although still abbreviated, bio at a later time.

I have relaunched my website after several months of thinking about what I wanted it to be. I have chosen this site will be a place where I collect my thoughts on personal development, politics, life, and many other topics. I have many interests and I am choosing to give myself the freedom to write about them as I see fit.

I have also chosen that my site will NOT be an online resume. Nor will it be used as a repository for files I have not stored somewhere else. Nor will it be used to support a specific political (or other agenda). In the past, my site served all these purposes, sometimes all at once, and I don’t want it to be that kind of site anymore.

If you have somehow found this site, despite my complete lack of promotion, I hope you find something of value here. And I hope you’ll continue to visit and continue to find new valuable content every time.