Hello. My name is Greg Lauer and I currently live in Colorado Springs, CO. I will provide a more extensive, although still abbreviated, bio at a later time.

I have relaunched my website after several months of thinking about what I wanted it to be. I have chosen that this site will be a place where I collect my thoughts on personal development, politics, life, and many other topics. I have many interests and I am choosing to give myself the freedom to write about them as I see fit.

I have also chosen that my site will NOT be an online resume. Nor will it be used as a repository for files I have not stored somewhere else. Nor will it be used to support a specific political (or other agenda). In the past, my site served all these purposes, sometimes all at once, and I don’t want it to be that kind of site anymore.

Recently, I ran across a small/huge statement from James Clear:

All perspectives hold some truth. None of them contain the complete truth.

Mental Models: How to Train Your Brain to Think in New Ways (jamesclear.com)

I think this idea truly sums up my intent for my site now. It is a place for me to explore different perspectives, explore different parts of the truth, and eventually arrive at THE truth. The whole truth. (Side note: I also think the quote helps explain why I hold the position that facts and truth are not the same thing. Facts depend on perspective and perception, truth does not.) I am prepared, I think, for this exploration to take the rest of my life.

If you have somehow found this site, despite my complete lack of promotion, I hope you find something of value here. And I hope you’ll continue to visit and continue to find new valuable content every time. To be completely honest, I write for myself, to help me think through things and process my thoughts and the logical flow. And if, by some miracle, those words resonate with you and bring you value, then I will count myself as privileged, honored, and humbled. Very humbled.